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Thomas Kinkade’s Fantasia

Fantasia by Thomas Kinkade will be the 12th and Last Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams release. Walt Disney is famous for stating “it all started with a mouse” and from the very beginning of Thomas Kinkade’s Disney series, Thomas Kinkade intended to end it “with a mouse” and what better ending than to feature Fantasia. Although Thomas Kinkade passed away before completing the oils on Fantasia, Thomas Kinkade was preparing, organizing, creating and sketching Fantasia since 2008. Fantasia is clearly a Thomas Kinkade Masterpiece and was finalized by a number of artists from the Thomas Kinkade Studios who based finishing of Fantasia on Thomas Kinkade’s plans.

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Social Media Breakfast

SocialMediaCommunicationThere is more then just having the largest flag, balloons and cleaning the cars to marketing for auto dealerships, much more these days with the addition of social media, everyone is watching. All the online data and pictures for all to see. Before making a major purchase people research online for over 10 hours and check out information on individuals. So having a positive solid online reputation is crucial.  Dealer Goldmine Marketing Solutions can help build online reputation, and provide strategies for social media growth and audience development.

Every morning start your day with social media cereal.  Connect with your audience and visitors by giving information, encouragement, advice, and then a little for yourself . Look and monitor what other people are saying about you and your business.  Then write an article on your thoughts in your industry, the world or local town news for a post on your blog or other platforms.  When you have trouble of thinking of what to write, step back and look at the room.  If nothing comes to mind, look at the news online or tv.  If still nothing go to the window and look outside.  Keep moving your perspective, expand and contract and an idea will come walking in.  Sit down and have a conversation with that story.

Connect, post and monitor everyday.  Make it a routine.  With a little time, patience and consistent care to your audience, that relationship will build and grow, and hopefully spread the influence to others.

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Find Your Place on Google +

google placesGoogle plus is fast-growing social network with Google’s 2/3 of Internet searches.  The set up is is similar to facebook – people have profiles and brands have pages.

  • default setting is public which allows you to share business information with Google’s search engine
  • use a yourcompany@gmail account
  • create a business page and include the url of the website
  • Install the Google + direct connect code on your website which allows people to navigate to your G+ page
  • add the +1 follow button
  • design your page

Business pages have some limited functionality, but G+ is integrated with Google’s search engine so that suggests that any web content you share on G+ will have a positive impact on SEO.

  • use photos
  • add recommended links
  • promote G+ page on blog and website
  • host a G+ hangout and interact via live video link


Monitor and Measure G+ use plus.google.com to analyze and learn which content your visitors enjoy.

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3 Important Parts of Twitter

twitter Twitter has 140 million users and gets 340 million tweets per day.

#1 Twitter attracts a more diverse group of users, followers, that are waiting to learn about the latest news, products and trends. Twitter can be used used more effectively by businesses if used creatively to craft an effective and interesting presence to attract others to follow.

#2 Twitter users who fill out their bio have over 6x as many followers than those that do not

#3 This can be a more relaxed, casual atmosphere for a more informal and comfortable relationship with your visitors, and engagement with your brand.

  • about 175 million tweets on a busy day
  • about 300,000 new visitors daily
  • 62% of twitter users are between ages 18 and 34
  • every second, 750 tweets are being shared
  • half of the worlds tweets are from the US
  • 55% of twitter users are female
  • average twitter user has 27 followers

For only 140 characters, big things come in small packages.

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10 Top Things to Remember When Creating Your Facebook Page

facebook login pageFacebook is a great platform to engage with your customers and prospects, and a great place to generate leads.

  • Create milestones to show off your best accomplishments
  • Enable the personal message feature to interact more
  • Set up “places” page for a single business location
  • Add applications as Discussion Boards and youtube video box
  • Measure your ROI with analytics
  • Motivate visitors to like, share, follow or call to action
  • Posts with the word video in them are shared 30% more on facebook than posts that do not
  • Posts that use buzzword or business jargon have less fans
  • Posts with digits in the title tend to be shared more often
  • Lists using words like top are more successful

With the timeline feature visual appeal becomes a priority, more of an chat blog with possible real time interaction. Create an atmosphere and environment that encourages engagement and activity. Also be consistent and keep the conversation going.
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Social Media is the Party and Your Business Should There

Social Media Party1 out of every 8 minutes online is spent on facebook and more than ½ of active twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.   Everywhere you go, there it is. You might think that the occasional tweet is enough, but its not, and networking in the virtual world is more work than making the rounds at the office Christmas party.

Social media is an efficient and inexpensive tool for business promotion that allows you to:

  • engage with customers
  • amplify your messageSocial Media Networking
  • expand your reach
  • drive traffic to your website
  • create brand awareness
  • generate leads
  • establish deeper relationships

93% of US adult Internet users are on facebook
49% of people use facebook to share content
79% of US twitter users recommend brands they follow
67% of US twitter users buy brands they follow

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